PuppyKatz Summerville

Why PuppyKatz?

“My husband and I have welcomed many dogs and cats into our home.  We love our pets like kids and want them to live long, healthy lives.  A dog or cats health is often reflective of the quality of their food and treats.  We wanted to find a place that was the best of both worlds, a shop that is comfortable and spa-like but a place we could also find good quality toys and treats.  So, my husband and I decided to open one ourselves and are now realizing our dream of bringing healthy – yet affordable – food, treats, and toys to dogs and cats throughout the Lowcountry.

We often get asked about our name. PuppyKatz is derived from my husband. He refers to all young creatures as “puppy;” dogs are puppy k9s, and yes – kittens are puppy cats.  Thus, the name PuppyKatz was born!”

– Carol Farr, Owner