PuppyKatz Summerville

Why PuppyKatz?

My love for animals all started in my home town of Manchester, Connecticut.  I was working in the corporate world and although I made the best of it, I was extremely unhappy.  So, I asked a friend of mine if she needed any help in her shop, which consisted of dog grooming, daycare and training.  She hired me as a daycare attendant, bather and receptionist.  From that day on she became my teacher, my mentor and my very good friend.

When my mom moved to South Carolina I decided to follow her.  I held several jobs at various dog daycare, grooming and training facilities.  I was a sponge for knowledge and learned so much from the people I worked with and for.  I also took a vet technician class to further my knowledge.

When we moved to Summerville in 2017, I took a job at PuppyKatz as a bather and soon moved up to grooming.

When the owners of PuppyKatz decided to sell, my mom and I jumped at the opportunity.  This is my dream come true.  And the funny thing about this is, my mom was never a dog person, she was actually afraid of many dogs.  All you need to do is come into the shop to see that she has become the biggest dog lover, besides me.  She greets ever dog that comes in, and wants to take half of them home!

We are exactly where we should be!

Marissa Ferguson